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Posted by samplekickz on 21 March, 2007


This is available on site ( and at store (MR..SK), feel free to come and check them out.


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Clot x Madsaki – White Camo Hoody

Posted by samplekickz on 13 February, 2007


Let’s start with the essentials…
release date: February 16th
price: $3180
Location: Juice

Following up on the recent Clot x Madsaki Levi’s comes this white camo hoody. The pockets have leather liners, the Clot and Madsaki logo each occupy one sleeve, and if you check the pics after the jump you can see the pull-over mask they’ve incorporated. No word if it’s a lucky draw or a first come 1st served kind of deal… but if it’s 1st come first served I’ll be anything short of surprised if no ruckus goes down!

info/image: kf via kookies

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Clot x Madsaki x Levis 517

Posted by samplekickz on 17 January, 2007


Here are some pictures of the upcoming release of the CLOT x Madsaki x Levis 517s. These are only to be released exclusively at Juice in Hong Kong, and a few selected stores in Taiwan. The price is $2130 HKD, which is roughly $273 usd. They are made to be a limited release, and comes with a small bag with the jeans. Via Kookies.

info/image: highsobiety via kookies

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ACU tour by Kookies

Posted by samplekickz on 16 January, 2007


Kookies recently took a tour of the CLOT ACU store in Shanghai. Whole bunch of pics up, with more promised to come. Hit the link.

info/image: slamxhype via kookies

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Posted by samplekickz on 10 January, 2007


BKRW have taken a closer look at Clot, what it is, what ACU is, and more, its the first time I’ve seen an indepth online feature on Clot, with interviews and Video. Check it out! We all know of Clot, but until now alot of us haven’t known the exact rundown.

info/image: slamxhype via BKRW

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Nike x CLOT Soleciety Book.

Posted by samplekickz on 9 January, 2007


Nike and Clot got together not too long ago to put on one of the mostly amaing sneaker exhibitions seen. With the likes of Stash, Futura, HF, Eddie Cruz, Edison Chen, and Jeff Staple on board for the exhibition, what better way to remember it but produce a book. The book is amazingly put together and packaged and for those of you who couldn’t make the show its a great way to see what went on, not to mention interviews with all the above mentioned names.

The book will be available to purchase exclusively at Juice in Hong Kong and ACU in Shangai.

I read the book last night and have to say, a very interesting point raised, was with regard to, the growth of the culture in China and the opening of ACU, the movement of the culture in this growth area of the world, and also the irony of Nike manufacturing shoes in China and only NOW will they be available at this level, and in this light.

Heres a sneak peak of the book…

info/image: slamxhype via kookies

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Clot. Fantasy.

Posted by samplekickz on 5 January, 2007


Clot’s newest line is labelled ‘Fantasy’ Edison shows a few pieces and gives an idea of what the collection is about at his Honeyee Blog.

info/image: slamxhype via honeyee

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Soleciety Book w/ tee

Posted by samplekickz on 3 January, 2007


On December 29th, CLOT released a book on Soleciety, the exhibition that they were holding in their Chinsese Store, ACU. The book comes really nicely packaged and every book comes with a UNDFTD x CLOT x Recon x Staple x Fragment tee in one of four colorways in random sizes

info/image: highsnobiety via kookies

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