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About Shop

*About MR..SK*

For those who knows me personally will know that it has always been my dream to have my own shop. But because of many various reasons, i felt it was not the right time since i started my site samplekickz, and now, finally, ITS TIME!!

Unlike other sneaker stores or resale shops (as we call it water shops over here in hk), my store will be used more for the purpose of SHOWCASING or GALLERY DISPLAY. I just want to use this opportunity to share my love for sneakers and my own collections with those who feels the same way all over the world. Another word, you dont have to buy when you come, as long as you appreciate the kicks in the store, thats all it matters.

So, enough have been said and i do look forward to see any of you who might find the time to come and pay me a visit, see you there!!

*Grand opening date*

MR..SK was opened since 8th march 2006

*Shop address*

Address : Shop 232 Floor 2/F, Winning Commerical Building 46-48 Hillwood Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. (right across Conceptshop)

Tel: (852) 27300331

if you take MTR, you can take that to JORDAN station and you can use the exit E.

Working Hours :
Monday to Saturday (Sunday day off) 14:30 to 20:30
Thursday 14:30 to 18:30

地址 : 九龍山林道 46 – 48號,運通商業中心2樓232號舖 (在 Conceptshop 旁邊)

電: (852) 27300331


營業時間 :
星期一至六 (星期日休),下午兩點半至八點半
星期四 下午兩點半至六點半 (收早)

*Payment Methods*

If you plan to come to store to make a purchase, i will accept both cash and credit card, but for credit card payment, you will need to pay an extra 3% for the credit card company, so i would suggest you bring enough cash before you come if you dont want to pay anymore than the listing price, cuz its a bit far to go to the nearest ATM machine to get more cash.



3 Responses to “About Shop”

  1. esme said

    I WANT THOSE ROADSTA! I am a small woman with size 3 feet from UK. Where can i get these from???? I Ma prepared to go to all lengths!! Please get back to me!!!

  2. Danny said

    I supply over at least 4000 pairs of air jordan to dot coms in USA and Canada every year. My MSN:
    Great to see another sneaker freak like you online. I am thinking if you can supply me HK snakers that I can sell them on yahoo TW. Or you can simply use my warehouse to stock you HK kickz to sell in TW and we can team up. let me know. I know all the water shops owner in TW. and I buy from TW chain stores at least 6000 pairs per year but only air jordans though since I team up with dealers in LA and NYC also Miami. My name is Danny. If you ever come to TW, we can hook up. here is my cell: 886-913268673 I been in this business since 1997. I am a Dragon. Do you know the manager of Jay Chiao’s shop in Taipei? I supply them too with USA editions. anyways, hook up for not only business but also for our passion for kickz.

  3. asdf said

    do u want to buy some brand shoes sunglasses or caps but don’t like to go out in this summer,do u want any brand items,come here,we offer you high quality and time delivery,good customer service!

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