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Air Jordan XX2 Stealth Cat Figure by Brian Flynn

Posted by samplekickz on 28 April, 2007


During the 2007 All-Star game, Jordan Brand release a series of figures inspired by the Air Jordan XX2. Since the XX2 was created with the stealth bomber in mind, these XX2 figures took a similar approach and were themed as pilots of the shoes. As well, Michael Jordan often considered himself as a “black cat” on the court. Together these ideologies formed the XX2 Stealth Cat figure.

Each characteristic of these figures maintains a relationship with the shoe it is modeled after. The whiskers represent the zig zag pattern of the sneakers while the vents on the back of the figures parallel the vents seen on the XX2’s. The similarities don’t stop there. Camo seen on the XX2 can also be seen on the front and back of the figure. Other little neat characteristics are the XX2’s worn by the figures as well as the Jumpman logo seen on the back. Each figure’s colorway is a representation of five exclusive Jordan Brand athletes in Ray Allen (green and yellow), Chris Paul (yellow and light blue), Joe Johnson (red and yellow), Rip Hamilton (Dark blue and red) and Carmello Anthony (light blue with yellow).

The figures were masterminded by Brian Flynn of Hybrid Design and Super7. The difficulty in the manufacturing process to create these figures is something to marvel at. These figures were created at a factory in Japan that is touted as the absolute best factory when it comes to clear vinyl. It is often a laborious process to create clear vinyl without any bubbles, however this Japanese factory is able to create perfect vinyl all the meanwhile maintaining consistent wall thickness throughout the figure.

info/image: hb


3 Responses to “Air Jordan XX2 Stealth Cat Figure by Brian Flynn”

  1. rev said

    How much would a set of these be worth…and where could i find them???Thanks

  2. Snowlecdodo said

    wblelrhrymcrxguawell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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