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Nike Chen Shui Bian Air Force 1

Posted by samplekickz on 23 April, 2007


Nike has just produced an Air Force 1 exclusive for Taiwan President Chen Shui Bian. This sneaker is done in white, green and beige featuring Chen Shui Bian’s face lasered on the side of the shoe. This is definitely something that doesn’t happen everyday and it might even catch on and become a trend.

Image/info: hb via Kenlu via ISS


3 Responses to “Nike Chen Shui Bian Air Force 1”

  1. Bizo said

    hey i really like this design…
    although i am not a big fan of the face on the side i wouldnt mind having it if it means i get to own a pair.
    could someone please tell me where i can get a pair of these or a pair of the originals without the face in australia it would be greatly appreciated! email me .

  2. nicky boy said

    i have those sneakers without the face on it. any airforce ones now days aint exclusive.

  3. nicky boy said

    o ya i guess you could get em online or at footlocker, but i got mine at “finish line” i got them in orlando.

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